'' HSS '' Ltd. – Is a partner and authorized distributor of companies such as

„Steelite International”- Is a world known leader in manufacturing hotel and restaurant tableware. The number one brand among restaurateurs.

«Revol porcelain» – from 1789 creates its products. Revol, is a family business that produces products from annealed porcelain

“mealplak”- with the composite patented material: Nacryl, company creates forms for serving various dishes.

“Bauscher”- German company producing porcelain for hotels and restaurants since 1881

“Serax”- Belgian company, a manufacturer of designer cookware. The company started its activities from 1986.

“Stolzle” – is a leading provider of high-quality glasses, cups, jugs for water, wine decanters and others.

“Hepp”- cutlery and tableware, made in Germany

“Eternum”- cutlery and tableware, made in Belgium

“Frilich” – offers innovative products for the buffet of the hotel sector and gastronomy.

“Spring” – For more than fifty years, the company is synonymous with unparalleled quality in the kitchen – for home gourmets and professional chefs

“TableCraft” – was founded in 1946 by Adolf Davis. Manufacturer and distributor of innovative, multi-functional table and bar equipment.

“APS” – was founded in 1933 In Germany. Company always meets customer requirements.

“Schneider” – Manufacturer and distributor of innovative, multi-functional table and bar equipment.

“Fries Rack System” – kitchen equipment

“Cambro” – kitchen equipment

“Bentley” – Accessories for hotels and bathrooms.

“Libbey”- Transnational Corporation, the second largest glass manufacturer in the world that unites glasswork factories of Netherlands, Portugal and Latin America.

“LaRochere”- French company. In 1475 company was producing window glass. For now Larochere

“Fischer Bargoin”- French company founded in 1859. Manufacturer of professional knives for chefs.

“Billiet” – a wholesale importer, having a huge warehouse in Belgium of modern kitchen accessories, household and gifts.

“De Witte Lietaur”- Offers a wide range of high quality linen since 1898, for hotels, restaurants and cafes.

“StandardTextile”- American company founded in 1940. It produces textile by the innovative technology.

“Ascolia”- is the creator and manufacturer of mobile furniture for hotel and restaurant sector, medical facilities and other industries.

“Candola”- miracle lamps for the hotel and restaurant business. Their products make pleasant feeling of comfort and are easy and safe in use.

”Comac”- The global brand for 36 years. Professional cleaning services in your organization.

“Rubberrmaid”- waste management, food processing equipment, cleaning, security, transportation and storage materials. .

“Aliseo GmbH”- High quality accessories for hotels and bathrooms.

«Kludi GmbH &Co. KG» – faucets and shower systems made in Germany

«Kaldewei GmbH&Co. KG»- bath and shower trays in steel enamel.

Gradus»- Gradus was founded in 1966 and offers solutions for floor coverings.

“Raha”- one of the largest manufacturers, of high quality mattresses for the hotel industry, in the Middle East.

“Intermetal”- company produces a unique, effective and high-quality furniture.

“Celmec International”- It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of HVAC equipment.

«Heute GmbH&Co. KG»-manufacturer of shoe cleaning and polishing machines and spare parts to them.

“HartmannTresoreAG” – Multifunction safes

“AliContract” – one of the world’s leading company in the catering industry.

„Hobart” – Food equipment, food processors, cooling systems, bakery equipment

«Athena Arredo Urbano» – decorative metal furniture for streets and parks.

“Baulmann” – Is one of the best high-quality interior lighting manufacturer.

“Chelsom” – is the sample of British style, the tradition of home comfort and impeccable quality.

“Wanzl” – manufacturer of mobile furniture for hotel and restaurant businesses, medical facilities, and other industries.

“PVS SpA” – Emergency and first aid products

“Impact Products LLC”- supplies and accessories for commercial departments

“Hudson Mesa S.r.l.” – professional equipment for kitchen.

“Hagleitner” – The Austrian Company, a leading provider of professional hygiene.

“Pacific Direct”- Founded in 1991, the company successfully delivers its high-quality, luxury toiletries in more than 120 countries worldwide.

“ADA International” – a leading manufacturer and supplier of hotel cosmetics.

“Chelsom” – is the sample of British style, the tradition of home comfort and impeccable quality.

“Sadi Tanay”- Cosmetics for hotels from the Turkish producer.

“ ACCA KAPPA“- from 1980 the company is producing cosmetics for hotels.

«Arcansas» – The Company since the establishment is engaged in production and sale of ceramic tiles, parquet, carpet and linoleum.

«LF SpA» – spare parts for professional kitchen equipment, refrigeration, dishwashing and laundry equipment, bar equipment and coffee machines.

«DIEFEBI SPA» – Italian company that promotes worldwide metal furniture. Cabinets and furniture for the staff and cafeteria.

«Bluestream Environmental Technology L.L.C.» – Daily removal of waste.

“Mediagon AG” – water treatment.

“Genesis APS international LTD” – A wide selection of decorative finishing profiles.


“Vama Elettrotermo – Meccanica S.r.l.” – Founded in 1950, more than 30 years, specializes in the design and manufacture of electrical appliances.

“VEMA” – equipment for bars, hotels, restaurants, fast food, ice cream parlours, pastry shops, etc.

“Safe place Ltd.” – Electronic Hotel safes

“Brandenburg UK Ltd.”- Manufacturer of air sterilization systems and systems for the control of insects and etc.

Bragard”- uniforms and footwear for hotels and world-class restaurants

”Simon Jersey” – Uniforms that allow look great and are comfortable during the work.

”Brook Taverner”- Company that produces uniforms from 1912.

“Norvil” – a Spanish company that manufactures since 1980, corporate modern clothes.

“Denny’s” – supplies industries with corporate clothing.

“Abeba” – high quality shoes.

„DressBest” – uniforms for HoReCa sector.

“Сarlisle” – glasses from high quality polycarbonate, bar supplies, catering equipment, tableware, kitchenware, storage and processing of products, racks, garbage containers.

“VisvardisS.A” – Greek company since 1968, supplies to restaurants and catering space necessary kitchen equipment.

“Vladimir” – professional kitchen, refrigeration equipment.

„DressBest” – uniforms for HoReCa sector.

“STAHL” – a German company that designs and manufactures washing machines since 1909.

“Girbau Group” – Spain. Manufacturer of equipment for all types of laundry machines, regardless of size or sector of activity

“Ozti”- group of companies, with the presence of more than 3,000 kinds of industrial goods for the home and kitchen.

“Frenox”- refrigerators

“Gamko”- It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of professional coolers to bar and recreation industry.

Peugeot- the company produces the most famous mills for spices, salt and coffee. History begins with the 19th century.

“Zarges”- Scaffolding, ladders and stairs

“Apir” -Italian company offers, products and accessories for hotels.

“Burgess”- Over 55 years, the company offers furniture from the UK – This is your comfort and the comfort of your guests

“Terry Lifts”- The Company offers a wide range of lifts

«Technovac»- Vacuum equipment for the food.

“Tyco” – fire safety systems.

“Knoxford Limited” – portable dance floors and equipment for parties.

Pmf- portable dance floors

«Bravilor»- manufacturer of professional systems for hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

«Brema»- Since 1985 produces ice machines

«Animo»- It produces a wide range of equipment for the foodservice industry.

«GOIN»- Since 1971, produces furniture for hotels, restaurant and other industries

«B&T»– Furniture for all types of industry

«Makfa»- produces Electronic door locks and safes for hotels.

«Trotec»- air dehumidifiers, ventilation equipment, a leader in the field of air-handling and measuring equipment.

«FelixSolingen»- knives with a history of more than 160 years. Blades made entirely of high-alloy stainless steels.

«TEKFİLTRESan.veTic.Ltd.Şti.»- filters for ventilation systems.

«Preval Water Saving Systems»- water-saving devices and accessories.

“Intrad Ltd.” – Materials and structures for the protection of surfaces, handrails and railings, construction for the disabled.

“AKTEKNIK MAKINA SANAYI VETI CARETA.S.” – Aluminium decorative finishing elements for ceramic and carpet flooring.

“Jacobsen Tred safe Ltd.”- Manufacturers of inks, decorative staircases, represent a full range of floor coverings. Work since 1985.

«Matfer»- Created in 1814, designs and manufactures equipment for the hospitality industry.

«Bourgeat»- French manufacturer of professional kitchen utensils, offers a full range of equipment for catering and crockery in all types, shapes and sizes

“«AxproCarpets»- wide selection of floor coverings for all types of objects.